My good camera was broken, so i had to use my other, and the weater where cloudy, so the pictures are not the best.

But it whats you get.

Anyway Flatlanders Hot Rod club meet up in the morning and drove to Malmby to visit the nicest meet of the year.

img_0003_small.jpg img_0005_small.jpg img_0006_small.jpg img_0007_small.jpg
img_0008_small.jpg img_0009_small.jpg img_0010_small.jpg img_0011_small.jpg
img_0013_small.jpg img_0014_small.jpg img_0015_small.jpg img_0016_small.jpg
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img_0021_small.jpg img_0022_small.jpg img_0023_small.jpg img_0024_small.jpg

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