New project! part V
A little more than a year from the purchase date i took my Ford to Svensk Bilprovning, to have the car inspected so i can drive it legally on the road.
This picture is taken on Hot Rod Reunion Malmby.
Where i did some "Power parking"
Ok time for the visit to Svensk Bilprovinng, the car gets inspected to see if its an old Ford and the paperwork is OK, 

Then we don't have to go there anymore if its a pre 1951 car. 
And there is no road tax either.

Inside looking good :-)
Inspector is resting his arm after a days work.
After the visit to SBP i changed the muffler to a better sounding (the one in the bottom)
A couple of days of waiting, i got the number plates. And it was time for the first legal test drive. 
My grandson Mr B volunteered to go with his grandpa in the "Dold" he has trouble saying Ford ;-)
. Off we went.
Mr b had to do a number 1 , so a quick stop at my father, solved that.  
Then we where of again.
A couple of weeks later, there was a small meet at the local town, and the car was a success, One old lady asked did it come her by itself???!!!
.You may have noticed the size of the number plates! 
After some interesting discussion with the government, i got me a set of "American car" size plates
  Looks much better.
Early on the 25 of October, Flatlanders meet up , to drive over to Tibro (100 miles+)  To Power Magazine Swap meet. 
Halfway we stopped for some coffee and leg stretching,
Here we arrive in style ;-)
We was forced to park in the front of the entrance.
And my car drawed a lot of interest.
The Baden Baden interior will be replace during next winter.
Looks good ;-)
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