1956 Volkswagen Cabriolet
Time flies, some years since I updated this page, will try to get up to speed quick now. You can find me at Facebook under Lars Brandow.
I have done some other projects under the years since the end of 2006, but now it is time for my 56 VW Vert, that have been on the backburner  for a long time.
I will let the pictures do the talking most of the time.
Started to cut a hole in my 598 donor car, so i could get to the steel defroster hose.  
The Cconvertible have a tube for the electrical connection to the rear of the car, The sedan have it in the roof.    
Started to remove the carpetholder, sínce i will need longer ones later.    
My vert heaterchannel had a Z piece inside to strenghten it.    
I flatten it and started to make a new piece.    
It's was quite long.    
Used two angle irons and a hammer to bend it over, started with a small angle and then went over it a coupel of times.    
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