The Old days
The old days or before i became a Hot rodder. Here i will show you some pics from my time before i built my first Hot Rod.
It started when i was four years old, i got an DKW Car as an birthday present. Sorry no pics from that time. After a year or so  I saw an sports car without an top , so since the DKW body was made of wood i cut it of and made an cabriolet of it. At seven my father gave me an 175 cc Monark motorcycle to ride on at our summer home. After that it followed an row of 50 cc mopeds. 
When i got into Swedish high School i built an Mini Bike called  Little green stone eater. It almost drove my teachers crazy when i built it during school time. At sixteen i got an Huskvarna Silverpil 175 cc when i celebrated my  eighteen's birthday  i bought an Velocette 350 mac Motorcycle. After running on the Velocette for one year i got tired of bikes and got me an VolksWagen 1958, After 8000 Km it gave up on me and i bought  a new car and so on, all old and well used. During the Volkswagen days i did buy an BSA A7 500 cc since i  was thinking of becoming an biker and build myself an chopper. Sort of anyway
The Little Green Stoneater
Sorry about the bad picture but its the only ive got.
Here is the last style that i built of the BSA sort of Road racing Chopper??!!  I liked it anyway,later I traded the BSA for an 1955 Ford Hearse! Great camping car 
( sorry no pictures of that)
In my opinion this is an beatiful motorcycle.
Fast forward 30 years. I was reading a Motocycle magazine, and boy was i surpriced when i saw my BSA for sale I made a phonecall, unfortunatly the "my" bike was sold, but i was welcome to come and take a look, before the new owner picked it up. I was suprised to see that almost nothing was changed over the years.
Just a new saddle , and my Honda 125cc carbs was replaced for an ols Amal original type carb. At least i got to sit on it one more time, but it seamed the it has shrunk since the last time i sat on it. :-)

After a couple of "ordinary" cars i got hold of my dreamcar then and now an Opel 1962 Coupe. When i was a kid there was an neighbour that owned one white Opel Coupe with black roof. I thought that that was the most beautiful car in the world. I traded an 1962 Mercedes for the red Opel Coupe.After a minor crash  when the car was hit in the rear then it was customizing time, I bought new rear wheels 225/60 13
on 6" rims those tires where considered wide in the late seventies at least did the police think that anyway. The Coupe got Hi Jackers mounted  from some Chevy truck to get the most lift in the rear. I used to drive with 14 Kilos of air pressure it really could have been steel pipes instead but it looked COOL anyway . I added an 10" steering wheel that didn't the cop's like either. 
We put on an flame paint job on it, my first i think ive improved a bit on my flame painting skills since then (look at my  Volvo Tractor page.
I finally sold the Opel and regretted it for many years but in 1987 i bought a new Coupe that i still have today .I have three of them now in different conditions (not running!)
My friend Rolle posing.
The "new" Coupe.
10" Steering wheel
After the Opel the i bought an 1939 Fordor Ford that I sort of restored in semi original condition. It was in original condition except from the 
interior material and the color of the axles and motor. Because of that i wasn't allowed to join MHS an swedish Original car club . And that sort of put me in to Hot rodding 
(thanks guy's) it was harder times then you now, i think that today maybe they had let me in. This is what i got for 500$ in 1977.) 
The car was in amazingly good shape, only some small rust holes in the rear fender area. I didn't remove the body from the frame, only cleaned the bottom it with a steel brush and painted it black. As you can see i painted the axles red ( a hot rod in disquise?)
The 39 was equipped with an 60 hp V8 , so i found this wreck in an local junkyard the car was in an fire in 1966 an had been standing outside since then. But i changed bearings in the gearbox . And loosened some valves that stuck open in the engine, and fired it up it run good but it took a lot of oil!!
After some years of work, this is what i ended up with. It's my wife on the left and my two kids Henrik and Mikael. Henrik is 16 now and an owner of an 1975 Camaro converted into an Tractor and a 1932 
3 Window coupe project. Mikael is 20 and is getting his own kid soon. 
                   Times fly.
After 4 years of running the Ford i sold it to 
finance my 1930 roadster.