Camaro Tractor. 
Henrik is my youngest kid and when he was 15 i it was time to think of building him an EPA tractor to him. So he had something to drive at 16 years old. In Sweden the only way to drive anything by your self, with four wheels is to drive an tractor. So some years ago i found an Pontiac Firebird at the junkyard. and to body shape was perfect to build an tractor of. Because it's a must to change it so only one passenger can ride with the driver,  and you are also not allowed to have any boot (luggage are not allowed). but you must have room for weights because the main reason for the tractor is towing. Ok i wasn't able to by the Pontiac, but i found an 1970 Camaro that had been up for sale for a long time but no one wanted it. So I manage to buy it very cheap without engine and drive line. That suited me perfect since i was aiming to put in an Volvo engine and two Volvo gearboxes. 
This is what we brought home. There was a lot of new parts coming with the car. Since it seems that 2 or 3 people had tried to restore the car but no finished that task.
After a week work the rear fenders where mounted (GM original spare parts that came with the car)
Here is the "hole" for the weights ready. It has to be of an maximum size, that's the reason of the funny hole.
After at the rear was ready we started with the work of eliminating the rear seat.
I started with an steel frame with 20X20 mm tubing.
The steel frame is only spot welded to the body so it's quit easy to change back to "original" state. 
This is how that wall ended up. Henrik has mounted an small stereo in the tractor (his 16 you now)
The car come with a new front window that is mounted here.
I used an tube with window sealer and then pressed the window in place. I don't now if that was the right way of doing it but it worked for us anyway, and no water seeps trough.
Her is Henrik standing by the newly painted Camaro painted myself it in the garage in the background.
In the engine room there is an Volvo B18 engine residing now. I now it seams odd  but since the tractor is not allowed to go any faster that 20 mph in practice and theory. And that is solved with 2 gearboxes witch one of them is running i first gear all the time. I had to change rear axle ratio also from 2,75 to 5,33 that i bought used  from an street racer.
We put together an Tow bar for the tractor , here we are ready to go to the Swedish car inspection. The tow bar is not used much in sweden actually this is the only one ive seen. And then I had to build it myself, it works very well except the Volvo could have been a bit heavier. Some times the Camaro want's to go it's own way and then it becomes sort of a  scary ride. But taking  it easy its a dream to tow the Tractor.
Here is Henrik standing nervously outside Svensk Bilprovning (Swedish Cars Inspection)
Everything went out well , so here Henrik is standing on the other side of the building together with the inspector.
Here is some pictures of the Camaro Ready. 
Henrik on his way to show his new transportation machine.
The Volvo shifter fits well in the interior of the Camaro. Its god to have servo assistance  with that small steering wheel.
A god friend of mine Claes the Count Beck-Friis Painted the oversized rear window tray. Do check out the big picture the download time is worth the wait. Its a great picture that says it all.
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