New project! part VI
Time flies, some years since I updated this page, will try to get up to speed quick now. You can find me at Facebook under Lars Brandow.
Anyway here is some pics on stuff that happened since  2009.
After a couple of years driving in the Swedish weather, it was time for something over my head. And this is what I scored on Ebay in Australia.
Had to replace a small bit that was eaten by rustworm.

Then I made the side parts that was missing also.

Borrowed a friends repro bows, to make my  own.
Testing witha a straight wooden piece in front.
Then it was time for the wooden bows, had some repro bows that i copied sortoff.
Used a anglegrinder with a flapdisc, to round all edges.
Made the bows in three pieces, and glued them together, and shaped them with the angle grinder.
Had to test the folding function.
Used some tape to see if i fitted under it.  
More tape, and rolled it outside to get a feling of the lines..
After the tape it was time for the sheet of paper check.
Bought some old marine sack's at the surplus shop.And fired up the sewingmachine.
Started to look good, here is only the middle part left.
  Bought some Hidem, to be able to cover all nails.
Repro rear window was added .
This is how the inside ended up.
Top up, good protection from the rain.
Since i have leaned the front seat back a  bit its tight to fold it down.
Also made a cover for the few times the top is down.
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