New project! part VI
Time flies, some years since I updated this page, will try to get up to speed quick now. You can find me at Facebook under Lars Brandow.
Anyway here is some pics on stuff that happened since  2009.
Since the 59Ab i put in tha car first was a bit of a oilburner, and the plan was to just drive it thrue the car inspection. I finally during the 2012 winter I updated to a German G29T engine, from an 1953 Ford firetruck.
The G29T have an aluminum oilpan, and i topped it with some Elco Twin heads.
This works Ok since the engine have a Bosch distributor in the back.
I have a old Edmunds intake, that will be modifed to firt two Carter Ball&Ball carbs. But i started with on carbmanifold to sort out the Elco Twin Heads.
Engine markings.
View of the intake channel.
FK = Ford Köln
Originallocking wire.
Hot water cleaning the block
Drying out the block with a heatgun.  
Here  you can see the EB it stands for Esienwerk Bruhl ( that cast the engine blocks. And ar still in business.
Mounting hole for the dizzy.
Does not show so good but he oilpump have an O ring wher it connects to the engine, this is not the case for the American engines.
Big truck clutch in the back.
Even teh lifteras are marked FK.
I managed to buy eight NOS pistons thru the interweb, and since the engine was a low milage firetruckengine, standard pistons was ok.
Ite wonderful to open up an old package like this.
made by Kolben Schmidt back in 1966. The are still in business to
This is where it ended up. And it is a good runner and dont burn any oil.
Bosch distibutor.
And a Lucas dizzy in the front
Hapiness is a Sunny summer day..
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