Ford 1942 Business Coupe
Project update 2000-06-24  Made a  slight detour this time. 

A couple of weeks ago i got frustrated with the rust repairing
on the 42 Coupe, It did not go so well. And i became bored :-(
13ford42_s.JPG (8848 bytes)
I had to do something else, so why not do some metal work ;-) 
A couple of years ago I bought a rear light from a 56 Chevy, on a local swapmeet. With a weird idea of building a small Scooter. First I made a Paper silhouette, to get the right Proportions
15ford42_s.JPG (6146 bytes)
After that I built a "frame" of some bicycle parts, and some Water pipes (its good to have a son as plumber). Got four hard Rubber wheels at the local ironmonger.
I started to transfer the paper silhouette to tin, started with the Upper parts, and made the hole of some round steel. After that it was easy to make the sides.
17ford42_s.JPG (12706 bytes)
Since you can open the taillight I made an "boot" with room for a bottle of beer.
The front end was the tricky part, since I'm a Ford freak and hardly know how a 56 Chevy looks up front; I had to rely on some magazine pictures.
The result! 

 Not to bad looking if I say it myself a (and I do ;-))

By the way all the "chrome" parts are made out of tin that is polished and waxed. It keeps its shine surprisingly well.
Chevy Bowtie to stand on of course. ( Please hold the hate mail, its only for fun ;-))
This is the best you can do with Chevy Parts :-) 
Packed and ready for the road, at least i can get home in style in case of a breakdown. It will never happen of course since i'm driving a Ford with a Volvo engine ;-)

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