My Motorcycles 
Here you can see some of my motorcycles, some i still have others are gone.
After being without a bike for around 20 years, i had a Yamaha SR 500 for a short time but it was not funny, so i sold it. I started to look after a Honda CB 750 early seventies, this what i ended up with. Not a Honda but a Yamaha 650 XS2 1972
13ford42_s.JPG (8848 bytes)
The Yamaha was a nice drivabler bike, for not so much money. And the tank still had the original paint.
After some tuning/service  the Engine was ok.
15ford42_s.JPG (6146 bytes)
The front fender was not origonal, but it was a good bike.
After drining it for three month's disaster struck 11/5 2000, A seventyfive year old man did a left turn 10 meters in front of me, i did not have a chance. He struck the front wheel, and i emulated a airplane for 20 meters (flying went ok, landing did hurt)
The bike was a writeoff.
I spent two days at the hospital, i had some "extensions" on my spine broken off. And my left knee took some brusing, Later i had to have some surgary on it.
Check out the number plate and you can se this what not the right bike for me.
Three months later i found an ad in a local paper.. 
After buying the 1973 HondaCB 750, i saw the number plate, and i understood this was the bike for me. 42 is the meaning of life (According to Hitchikers guide to the galaxy by Adam Douglas)
The bike was a fairly good runner, it had some exhaust leaks..
Four into one Exhaust pipe, was loud. Same as it was in the seventies.
The Gauges wasn't original.
Thatank and the Covers is in nearly new condition, Original paint.
This is the extra silenser i mounted to get it thru the yearly inspection, Actually since the bike is older then 30 years, i only have to do it every other year,
I bought some "new" gauges, Looking much better-
During the winter í had the engine out and put in a new cam chain in and some rings, and fixed the valves.
During the end of 2002 season the Honda developed a knocking sound from, and the plan was to fix it during the winter, this did not happen. 

So when the sun came out in the spring i found this Yamaha XS2 1972 for a fair price. so this is what ive been riding on this summer.

In the fourth owner of the bike, and it starts on the first kick.
I have change the handle bars back to some more original looking, otherwis i only have been driving it.
Of course a oil change was necessery. 
When the last owner tried to sell it, one of the customer dropped one of the side cover when test driving. And when the owner found it it was flat casued by a car drivin over it. I got it with me.
After some banging with the hamme rit was presentable again.
I had to buy a new mounting bolt for 10$, i primed it and mounte it. since i some plans for a new coat of paint.
Check this out when i came home i saw the license number, 42 again.This must mean that it was meant for me. Remember 42 = meaning of life. So now i have one 42 Ford Coupe,One Honda 750 with a license number that ends with 42, and this Yamaha with a 42 number to ;-)
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