Hello I'm  Lars Brandow  ive been called a carnut, and I was born 1955.

On this pages I will show you some of my projects.

I got myself some more work checkout my new project 1933 Ford Roadster !

Project update 20080119 The purchase

Project update 20080323 Chassie and Engine.

Project update 20080515 Body gas tank. engine startup

Project update 20081117 Doors,fenders, Power Hot Rod reunion.

Project update 20090125 SBP Inspection.

Project update 20150125 Fast forward

Project update 20150126 Fast forward II

Project update 20150127 Fast forward III

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The work has begun :-) And halted because of the New project above.
1956 Volkswagen Cabriolet

After five years i got the possibility to buy this "dream car" At least its my wife's favorite and i like it to.
More info on this 
link The purchase.

Updates below
Project update 20051203 Black 56 and start of dismantling.
Project update 20060417 Chassie repair.
Project update 20060816 More dismantling
Project update 20061022 Body back from Sandblasting.
Project update 20150222 Fast Forward I
Project update 20150222 Fast Forward II
Project update 20150224 Fast Forward III



V12 Race car/Hot Rod

A dream has become reality, Early 2002 i brought this wooden box home.
Follow this link The purchase 
     Project updates
     Project update 030421  Transmission, and chassie mockup.
     Project update 030921 Fuel tank,gearbox.
     Project update 040830 Rear axle, seats.
     Project update 060813 Hood, and we goes to Power reunion.

Sorry about the late update, but i have to share this with you all
On the 22/5 2005 at 16:00 hour i started up my V12 vehicle and took it out for a spin ;-)
It worked OK, and now i will take it apart for some paint, and exhaust stubs.
Here is the "Movie" link its 5 MB so right click and save on your hard drive.
Turn up your speakers and enjoy...
 V12 Test drive

1942 Ford Business Coupe     This is my current project. It will have an 8BA Ford Flathead engine with 3  Stromberg carbs on a fenton manifold.
Dropped I beam front axle.
After this picture was taken, I blow everything apart and sent the body out for sandblasting.
Some pictures from my 
          42 Ford project. Check out.
Project update 980327 Wheels and body.
Project update 980721  Frame and testdrive.
Project update 000121  Mirrors.
Project update 000310  Bootlid repair.
Project update 000624  Kickbike.
Project update 001117 Rustreapair door's and floor.
Project update 010413 Body paint.
Project update 011005 Bumpers and fenders.
Project update 021030 Seat and assembly, SPB visit.
Project update 030301 Tuck&Roll.
Project update 040612 MSD Distibutor.
Project update 051202 Ford 51 Dashboard.

   1931 Model A Roadster
This is my Model A 1931 Roadster. It's really a glass fibre body with a homemade frame, propelled by a Volvo B20 4 cylinder engine. Rear axle is also a Volvo 240. Hey Volvo parts are cheap in Sweden.  The car has been on the road for 10 years now and it works very well except that we really don't have roadster weather in Sweden.
So I started on a new project a 1942 Business Coupe.
Want to see some pictures from the building of my  1931 A ford

 One other project i have done is a Volvo PV phantom step side pickup.
In Sweden the only way to drive anything with 4 wheels is when you're 16 years old.
Is to drive a tractor. So my son and I built a Volvo tractor in shape of a Step side.
It had two gearboxes and wasn't capable to go faster the 20 mph, its a tractor you know.

Go to pictures of the  Volvo tractor  Project.

I also built another tractor for my youngest son Henrik.
It's a 1970 Camaro with Volvo Engine!


My Motorcycles Check them out here Link

                    The OLD days
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Check out  the old times ;-)
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