1956 Volkswagen Cabriolet
Update III
Time flies i promised you an update in August, and here it is. I ordered a new set of heater channels 
and the extra support rails for the Cabrio from my favorite VW supplier. Then it was time to fire up the 
grinder to prepare the body for sandblasting, looks like  have to stock up on acetylene and sheet steel  for the winter, 
there will be some welding going on. 
There is not much action going on in this pics, but it's more for documentation to use when i try 
to build a car of it again. 

Remember Rust never sleeps!!!

It said parasoll, on the package but it was better than that.
Heater channels, and Cabrio rails ;-)
Had to do some test fitting. 
These channels don't have any holes or bump's, so i can make my own :-)
After fiddling with the new stuff i had to go outside, and cut up the body for some sandblasting. 
First i took hundred's of photos, so i can check the over when i try to assembly the stuff later..
The front side was cut up at the junkyard so they could remove the fender's. It was probably the most expensive part's on the car then.
I removed some more metal, so the inside can be sandblasted. 
I have new steel parts laying around for this side's.
Close up on the steel pipe that routes all electrical cables to the rear.
Found this Z shaped part in the channel ! it wasn't supposed to be there, at least  that was what i was told. But it's there it is so i have to put some into my new heater channels.
I have to rebuild the heater outlet to ,i guess.
Drilled out all spot welds so i could remove the special cab strengthening panels.
I also have to add this pipe, to be able to route the electrical system back to the rear of the car.
Not so much rust, but still worth the work. 
Other side
Notice that the Cabrio panels, where added after the primer, but before the final paint. 
If your VW Slows down, then it can be because of the snails in the heater channel!!! Be sure to check.
Oooops some more rust
Well Rust Never Sleeps. I will be back around Christmas with more pics.
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