Rover Meteor V12 Race car !
Finally time for an V12 update, progress has been slow. But a little bit closer to something drive able.
. Now it was time to fit the engine into the frame, here is the wooden box stripped of the engine.
I had to build two engine hoist's to be able to lift it (600 kg plus) 
Here is one mount, done i 6 mm steel , by coincidence the frame is of the same thickness
Another one, front actually.
With the engine in the frame it was time for the oil tank. I opened the inspection plate and looked inside, it looked good. Just some minor cleanup needed in the bottom.  
I invited my brother over to make the oil pipes, its nice to have a brother that's a plumber. 
This is the Original oil tank, just mounted a bit farther away (in the rear of the "car") I will make a "mirror" tank for Gas to fit on the other side.
With the oiling solved it was time to think about the motivation. This is a part that was used when they tested the engines in the bench, at the Swedish Army.
So out in the shed, and scrounge up an old Chevy Flywheel and clutch. I know its not the High tech race stuff., But if it works i can always buy the stuff and since all bolt patterns are Chevy i think it will easy to get.
  I only had to drill six holes, and turn a center part for the pilot bushing. Since its precision work i let someone else do it. And since i want it for "free" it takes some time.
With the flywheel sorted. it was time for the cooling. And since the upper "spout" point in the wrong direction (backwards). I had to change that. 
It was quite easy ,only to turn some nuts and bolts. Checkout the thermostat it lets the water circulate thru the small hole before the engine is heated up.
This is how it came out, reusing some stuff i got when i bought the engine.
Another call to my brother, and he came over with some more pipes. To make a temporary "cooling" system, more or less only let the water circulate.
Its starting to come together, yes i know i need bigger wheels 20" or bigger.
When i had it outside for the first time, my two son's just had to have a "test drive", looking good or what. 
Here is a picture captured from a MPG file taken on my first test start. Now i really need to get my flywheel back. 

By the way if you want to see the "movie" here is the link. 
3.9 MB so it takes a while with a Modem.

 Its Alive 

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